Unaffiliated…sort of…

Oh my gosh I got my own domain!

How cool is that?

Less to type for my url now when leaving comments AND I can make my site look however I want it to!


If you build it, they will come. And you should all come




I saw this on Hot’s blog and thought I would take a swing at it. I haven’t really done anything like this yet, so I hope I don’t scare you all off too much. :o)

#1-I currently have turquoise hair. I didn’t intentionally color it turquoise. It just kind of happened. I went to the hair salon to have my hair done (foiled blonde in, with two blue streaks in my bangs). When I washed my hair a few days later the blue bled onto the blonde and well…you now know the rest. It actually looks pretty cool. Maybe one day soon I’ll post a pic. Before I turn the blue to red and have a cotton candy head, rofl!

#2-My husband checks out other womens racks and I’m okay with that. The way I see it is, he’s a man, men check out women whether we want them to or not. I’m not going to make him hide it. I have even gone as far as to say “Whoa! Check out her boobs they’re friggin’ huge!”

#3-My house must have a cat in it at all times. I have had a cat my whole life. I cannot stand the feel of a house without a cat in it. Two is even better. If the house is without a cat, I will spend every waking moment looking for one that needs a home. House. Must. Have. Cat.

#4-One day, almost three years ago, my hubby brought home this computer game. Not just any computer game, and online multi-player game. Playing with real people online. I rolled my eyes and walked away as he installed it. Fifteen minutes later I walk back into the room and start watching him play it. I have been hooked ever since. Hello, my name is Lela, and I play World of Warcraft.

#5-I have tattoos. Not body consuming tattoos. Just 4 small ones. The first is some undescribable thing I thought was cool, placed precariously on my upper (inner) left thigh. Number 2 is the Kanji symbol for love on my upper right arm. Third is a tribal hummingbird on my right ankle and the last one is a turquoise shooting star on my left wrist.

#6-I am Cherokee and darn proud of it. And I raise my kids to be proud of it as well.

#7-Only twice have I ever been so drunk that I was sick the next day. On my 21st birthday. And recently on my trip to Oklahoma (where we drove an extra 2 hours away from our hotel to visit the Cherokee museum and re-constructed Cherokee village-very cool). I still however, love Key Lime Martini’s.

#8-I learned to read when I was two. Or so my mom claims. I will admit that I have been reading as long as I can remember, and I love to read. Especially historical stuff.

Okay, well I bored you with 8 random facts about me. Eight that I could think of anyhoo.

“I didn’t know he was crazy till he pulled out the gun.”

That title could not be helped. Lol. This weekend has been insanely busy, starting with Friday. I got that title while cruising past my tv while General Hospital was on. It made me stop in my tracks from the hilarity of it. All I could think was “Hmm, probably would have been my first clue too.”

I promise to have a real post for you tonight, I have two that I am polishing off for you, but am still scrapping the details together in my brain. I didn’t want you to think I had forgotten you all!

I Don’t Want It

When my daughter hit the oh so crappily dramatic and demanding lovely stage of “Terrible Two’s” she coined the phrase “I don’t want it”. Which was her way of saying “No!”. I was (and still am I may add) very thankful for this phrase. If I had to hear “No!” screamed at me hundreds of times a day I would have lost my mind a lot sooner. And since today I have a headache and it’s making me cranky I am feeling very in tune with that phrase it is my title. I am also going to follow Hotfessional’s (I love her she’s great!)  line of blogging and blog about whatever hits the fan as I am typing. And let’s face it. Some days you just need to babble.


I love email. I hate talking to people on the phone. I have to make two phone calls today and I don’t want it. One of them is to a gal I have been trying to get in contact with since the end of July. She is a customer to my PC lady and didn’t want her hostess special. Well I did, so I bought it. Since it shipped to her, she has it. I have tried emailing her, but she doesn’t return my emails. She called me once while I was in Oklahoma in August, left me a message that she wanted to get together the next day and give me my item. Um, yeah, that’s gonna happen.  Washington<—>Oklahoma. I’ll be right there.

Another one is someone who got my number from Girl Scouts. She has some questions about letterboxing. Why Girl Scouts has me down as the letterboxing guru, I’m not really sure. Yes, I did help with the letterboxing at day camp this summer. But it’s not my specialty. I’m a geocacher. Gee-oh-cash-rrrrrr. While similar to letterboxing, still not the same thing. *sigh*

So I leave messages. Messages with my email address clearly spelled out so as they don’t miss the hint that they should email me. I like that. It’s not so much work to sound all perky and cheery.


Let’s move on people. Super Mario Brothers. Again, I don’t want it. My 6 year old loves Super Mario Brothers. I think they should burn in hell. Why you ask? If my son is not playing it on the Nintendo, he’s playing it on the computer. Yes, the computer. I know. My ever loving husband downloaded the original Mario Brothers games (along with some others) to the kids computer. So now, if someone is watching the TV, you get to hear the dun-dun-dun-dundundundun-duna-dundun-dundundun-dunduna from upstairs. Same thing if one of his siblings is on the computer, you hear mario on the TV downstairs. Woot for the office being in the loft above the living room. But that’s not all. No we are NOT done. He has the songs, all the mario songs, memorized. You get the ambiance of the underwater worlds in the car. Mario plagues me 24/7. I think I have actually grounded him from singing the songs just to keep my eyes from crossing and my ears from bleeding.


I love my cats. They are the best cats evah. One of these days I’ll get off my lazy butt quit blogging long enough to flickr some pics of them for you. I have two torticali’s. Or however that is supposed to be spelled. One is grey with medium fur that is sooooo soft you could just snuggle her forever. The other is black with long fur that carries in a piece of everywhere she has roamed outside to share with the rest of the family. I think the dog (menace to society #1) would love to just hold her down and give her a good sniff physical, but he is scared of her.

Oh the dog, God love the dog. The “I’m a black lab that thinks he only weighs the same as the cats and is the same size so hold me like a baby I want to love you” dog. I swear this dog has springs in his hind end. He can jump straight up in the air and hit my husband (who is 6’5″) in the face with his nose. I have never seen a goofier dog. I keep telling myself, only 1 more year till he calms down. We’ll see if he lives that long.


I will spare you anymore torture of my incessant rambling. One day I will actually get to the post I meant to write 3 days ago about my daughters birthday party. The birthday that is in November. Close to Thanksgiving. I should probably write about Halloween first. No way I’ll be able to top The Queen and her naked soul though. I still have the giggles from that. I need to go get some pull-ups for my sleeps-like-a-rock sons. Nothing like sleeping in a warm, snug fitting puddle of pee to make you comfy. On that note, I am going to leave you with this.

Calling all Moms!!!

I have had it. I am at my breaking point. The so-called “math curriculum” called Everyday Math is the suckiest piece of crap worst program I have ever seen! I am currently (started today, lol) doing research for an article I intend to send to every newspaper across the country that will print it. If your child is exposed to this torture on a daily basis and you have an opinion about it that you don’t mind me quoting you on I want to hear it!

I feel so bad for my poor daughter who gets so frustrated trying to understand her homework she is in tears and it takes 2 hours. 2 FREAKING HOURS!!!! For 1 piece of paper! I have been complaining about this program for over a year now, trying to decide what kind of action I can take, and rallying supporters. My action is to expose this trash they are teaching our children to the public. If the school districts won’t listen to us as a single unit, maybe they will listen with a little public humiliation!

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